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Pórto Ráfti, a picturesque little port in a bay on the east coast of Attica takes its name from a large marble statue of the Roman period, popularly known as the "Tailor" (raftis), on a rocky islet which shelters the harbor 
There are many interesting and lovely holiday apartments and villas along the Greek coastline, just from peaceful relaxing hamlets to the vibrant and historical Athens. Whatever you are looking for we are sure you can find it along this beautiful coastline, or in the scenic countryside villages and towns of this ancient Country.


sunrise greek island

From Athens you can make day trips to many interesting places like Sounio, DelphiMycenae, Corinth, and Epidaurus.Agii Theodori is the first village - small town at the entrance of the Peloponnese perfecture. It is the first smal town - village a visitor will meet after leaving the area af Attica - Athens with destination to the area of Corinth. The nearest cities are Corinth, Loutraki,   Megara and it's 10 minutes far by car from the Canal of Corinth (Isthmos) .


Just browse through the many properties in the Athens & Regions sections, all the properties have links to more detailed descriptions with photos and/or video features

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