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Famagusta district is a region that spans both Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. Famagusta area has the best of the beaches there are many activies that you can do including water sports and jeep safari's if you hire a car the roads are very good but don't always rely on the signs, take a map.
Famagusta is one of the finest examples of a medieval city. This is where east, west, Islam, Christianity, and Asian 
and European Cultures blend together in a sort of cultural cocktail
Cyprus villa
cyprus at night
Cyprus Coves
Cyprus Streets
Famagusta is composed of an old city surrounded by walls and the new city outside. The old city of Famagusta 
deserves special attention. I can compare this city with Rhodes or Jerusalem.
There are dozens of old churches inside the walls. The churches represents the various religious groups of Crusade Era. Even there's a Nestorian church, which is regarded marginally heretical today.
As the days lengthen and the sun gathers strength. Cyprus enters an idyllic season for walks, leisurely picnics and the fascinating contemplation of nature, not forgetting, of course, swimming and sunbathing
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